You have 31 days from a qualified family status change to update your benefits coverage. See Life Events .

You can only make changes to your benefit elections at certain times:

1. When you are hired as a new employee and become eligible. You are eligible for coverage on the day you become a regular, full-time employee scheduled to work at least 32 hours per week.


2. When you have a qualified family status change due to a life event like marriage or the birth of a child. You have 31 days (from the date of the life event) to make changes to your benefits coverage. If you miss that opportunity, you will need to wait until the next benefits open enrollment period. See other Life Events.


3. SEG's annual benefits open enrollment period is held in October. During this time, you can evaluate your current benefits and make changes that better suit your coverage needs (medical, dental, vision, insurance and disability). You’ll receive detailed information about your benefit elections during open enrollment.

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