When illness, pregnancy, accidental injury or disability keep you from work, short- and long-term disability insurance provide income protection until your return. Options include basic coverage provided by SEG and supplemental coverage you can pay for with pretax dollars using payroll deduction.

  • Benefit election can only occur during annual open enrollment, regardless of a family status change.
  • The rates and coverage amounts adjust, as necessary, during the pay period following a change in salary.
  • MetLife administers SEG’s disability benefits.

Short-Term Disability

Details Basic Supplemental
*Transition Bank at 8 hours/day
**You may also supplement using:
1. PTO at 2.7 hours/day or 2. Transition Bank at 8 hours/day
  • Absent up to 26 weeks or 1,040 hours
  • Required 5-day (40-hour) elimination period* using PTO, except accidents
  • Concurrent with Family Medical Leave
  • 66 2/3% base pay replacement
  • No Cost to employee
  • 100% base pay replacement up to 6 weeks
  • $0.30 per $100 of salary cost to employee**

Long-Term Disability

Details Basic Supplemental
  • Absent 26 weeks or more due to injury or illness
  • 50% base pay replacement
  • No Cost to employee
  • 66 2/3% base pay replacement
  • $0.30 per $100 of salary cost to employee

You must have satisfied SEG's six-month probationary period.

You must apply for and be approved for disability benefits. Review the SEG Disability and Family Medical Leave Claims Process .

To begin the application process, call MetLife at 877-638-8262 or visit metlife.com/mybenefits.

Common Questions

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The purpose of disability benefits is to provide income protection for eligible employees during pregnancy or periods of extended, serious illness or injury. Regardless of the number of periods of disability and whether the course of the disabilities are related, an employee will receive a maximum of 180 calendar days, or 26 weeks, of short-term disability benefit payments for all disability events combined in any rolling 52-week period. Disabilities that last longer than 26 weeks may qualify for Long-Term Disability (LTD).
If an absence from work is due to pregnancy or a serious illness, and the claim for Short-Term Disability is approved, disability benefits begin once an employee has been out of work for five consecutive work days (not to include holidays). Employees will be required to use Paid Time Off (PTO) or Transition Bank on an hour-for-hour basis for the five consecutive work days, which is referred to as the Elimination Period. To the extent an employee does not have PTO or Transition Bank hours available, the Elimination Period will be unpaid.
Both STD and LTD are provided under the SEG Health and Welfare Plan (Plan). The STD benefit is administered by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) on behalf of SEG, with the final authority being with MetLife. The LTD benefit is fully insured through MetLife. All benefit determinations, case reviews, approvals and denials for LTD are made independently by MetLife.
A claim for STD benefits must be submitted to MetLife within 15 days of the first date of absence due to disability. If the application for STD benefits is not received within 15 days of the first date of absence due to disability, the application may be denied. This time requirement also applies to Family Medical Leave absences.
All employees may elect to buy up for 100% income replacement (vs. company-provided 66 2/3%) during the first six weeks of Short-Term Disability using one of the following methods:
  1. During annual benefits open enrollment, by electing to pay a per-pay-period rate based on salary.
  2. Using PTO or Transition Bank (if available). It takes 2.7 hours of PTO for each day of STD absence to supplement income to 100%. ​It takes eight hours of Transition Bank for each day of STD absence to supplement income to 100%. If you are eligible for Transition Bank, you can view your balance in PeopleSoft.
NOTE: If at any time during a disability absence, an employee changes his/her mind about the choice for income replacement, MetLife should be contacted immediately. ​
If an employee remains disabled following 180 days of STD benefits or Workers' Compensation benefits – or a combination of both – within a rolling 52-week period, he/she may be eligible for LTD benefits. Should this occur, MetLife will automatically refer the STD claim for an LTD claim review. The employee will be contacted by MetLife, and if he/she is expected to remain disabled, the appropriate information and forms will be mailed to initiate a claim. If an LTD claim is approved, MetLife will periodically request updated information from the health care provider(s) and other information for ongoing medical management and vocational assessment.
There are 3 methods to forward information. For all communications to MetLife, you must include your name and associated claim number(s). Documents can be sent:
  1. Via the portal – upload the document directly to your claim
  2. Via fax - the number is 1.800.230.9531
  3. Via email – the email address is oriskanymetlife@metlife.com

MetLife – 877-638-8262​

SEG – Employee Resource Center – 803-217-4444

Transition Bank was established in the year 2000 as a one-time allocation of hours to certain employees when the sick leave benefit was replaced with Short-Term Disability.

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