Death of a Family Member

Unfortunately, in the very difficult time after a loved one dies, there is a lot of personal business that requires your attention. This checklist will help you work through the details of what you need to do.

Within 31 days after the death:

  • Contact the family member’s employer to notify them of the death and to determine if there are any continued benefits, if applicable. Timing is defined by the limits established by the other employer.
  • Update your beneficiaries for life insurance, 401(k), retirement plan, and HSA Bank.
  • Update your W-4 tax elections for Federal, State and Local withholding online, if appropriate.
  • Update your Direct Deposit elections.
  • Change your Emergency Contact information.
  • For educational information and for bereavement and counseling services, contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) .

If your deceased family member was covered by SEG's health plan, you should request they be dropped by sending a copy of the Death Certification within 31 days to the Employee Resource Center at C131 or

If you were covered on a deceased spouse's plan, you will have 31 days to enroll in SEG's plan.

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