Effective Jan. 1, 2021

  • Contact the Dominion Energy Benefits Center at 877-434-6996 for information about your Dominion Energy Pension or health benefits
  • Contact Voya Financial at 888-DOM-401K for information about your Dominion Energy Savings Plan

For your family's financial security in the event of death, you have options for life insurance that include basic coverage provided by SEG and supplemental coverage you can pay for with after-tax dollars using payroll deduction.

  • All rates and coverage amounts adjust, as necessary, during the pay period following a change in age.
  • The Standard administers SEG's life insurance benefits.
  • Evidence of Insurability is required if you decide to increase your coverage during annual open enrollment or due to a qualified family status change.
  • Be sure to name or update your beneficiaries.

Determine Your Coverage Needs

Get free help from the Ernst & Young Financial Planner Line. 866-724-1946

Need to Raise or Lower Coverage?

Update only during Open Enrollment or within 31 days of a qualified family status change.

Counseling & Assistance

For support in coping with loss, call the Employee Assistance Program. 1-800-968-8143

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