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The SEG Pharmacy, located in Building E of the Corporate Campus, provides prescriptions to individuals covered under SEG's Medical plan.

Our pharmacists can help you:

  • Understand medications and side effects
  • Get dosage guidance
  • Find alternative/lower-cost medications and free preventive generics

SEG Pharmacy

Phone: 803-217-9173

Fax: 803-217-9717

Building E, Mail Code: E103

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Closed Tues. from 2pm-3pm

Fill a Prescription

First Time Using the Pharmacy?

To use the SEG Pharmacy you (and your dependents) must be covered under a SEG medical plan and have required forms on file before a prescription can be filled.

Forms for First Time Users

To submit your forms by mail or fax, you will need to print and sign the First Time User Packet .

To submit a prescription to SEG Pharmacy, you can:

  • Have your doctor call it in to the pharmacy at 803-217-9173
  • Mail an original prescription via intercompany mail to:
    SEG Pharmacy, MC E103
  • Drop it off at the pharmacy located in Building E, Corporate Campus
  • Call the pharmacy to transfer a prescription
  • Have your prescriber send the prescription electronically

To get your prescription you can:

  • Pick it up in person at the SEG Pharmacy
  • Authorize delivery through intercompany mail*

*Available in areas currently receiving intercompany mail deliveries. For a complete description of this process, see the SEG Pharmacy intercompany mail delivery of medication acknowledgment form.

Controlled substances and refrigerated medications are not available through intercompany mail. Corporate campus employees should pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Staff

Heather Harris, Manager
Doctor of Pharmacy

Catherine Peebles
Registered Pharmacist

Kristin Allison
Certified Pharmacy Technician

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