Retiree Health Care Options

Retiree Share Plan. See the 2018 Share Plan Benefits Guide for a summary of coverage and rates. Plan participants will be billed for health care premiums by AmWINS Group Benefits and may elect to have the premiums deducted from your personal bank account.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). Purchase your individual health care plan through a local vendor/broker or by using OneExchange. View the OneExchange Enrollment Guide. To contact OneExchange, call 844-266-1391 or email

  • OneExchange can help you select and enroll in an individual or household plan through the public marketplace, OneExchange private exchange, or you may keep your existing individual plan that you purchased through the public marketplace or a private exchange.
  • OneExchange can help determine whether you qualify for a federal subsidy through the exchange and which option meets your needs.

SEG will contribute a fixed amount annually to your HRA account administered by OneExchange to reimburse you for premiums, coinsurance, co-pays and deductibles.

Annual funding allowance based on month of eligibility and age.

Retiree Retiree + Spouse Retiree + Child(ren)* Family
$6,604 $13,208 $8,735 $13,208 $19,812 $15,339
Retiree Only Spouse is under 65 Spouse is 65 or over Retiree & Child(ren) Spouse & dependent(s) are under 65 Spouse is 65 or older & dependent(s) are under 65

*Annual maximum, regardless of number of dependents

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